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Our Services

  • By marketing a company’s product, Cadeau Express helps that company increase its sales up to ten times
  • Thirty years of success has built a tremendous business network in Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos as well as those across the nation.
  • When it is time to launch a new product, Cadeau is the best tool to open the market. With a well established market strategy and philosophy, Cadeau Express is able to transform your product from a push product to a pull product
  • When it comes to service requirements, quality is an essential factor that can ruin or reinforce the business relationship. That is why Cadeau Express has an operation that insures quality and demands that all specifications meet or exceed the Hotel or Casino requirements.
  • Cadeau Express can open a window that companies can use as a cornerstone to create a niche market. Cadeau is an opportunity maker.
  • Companies consider Cadeau Express to be their upper hand. A CEO of one company once stated: Cadeau is the Rolls Royce of marketing tools with high maintenance reliability. Cadeau can enhance a companies’ marketing, logistic, and communication efforts and reduce the costs.
  • More than 14,000 products have been launched by Cadeau Express.
  • The huge business network that Cadeau maintains helps bypass many of the obstacles new entrants face. Bureaucracy, processing delays, regulations, licenses, logistics, are normally considered to be barriers for new entrants. Cadeau can help overcome or minimize these barriers.
  • Demand fluctuation is another factor that should be considered as an overwhelming factor for companies.
  • Forecasting the market is mandatory for the company’s survival. Cadeau has the experience, tool, assets to forecast the market
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